Aion Titles - How Titles Can Give You an Extra Edge in Aion Online
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Aion Titles - How Titles Can Give You an Extra Edge in Aion Online

Aion titles in the Tower of Eternity are not something you get just to show off your accomplishments. Aion Online – one of the latest MMORPG game available, takes place in the fantasy world of Atreia where you play a character fighting for one of the two battling factions Asmodians or Elyos.

Aion Online is different from other online roll playing games when it comes to titles. Usually the title is just a label to show what you have accomplished, but achieving titles in Aion Online will actually enhance your characters fighting and defense skills which can give you an extra edge over your enemy judi poker online indonesia.

Aion titles can make a big difference in Aion Online. Each Aion title that you receive gives your character an extra special benefit that can be an advantage in battles, such as extra defense, attack and hit points.

The actual Aion titles or names are different dependent of which class your character belong to and for which of the two factions you are playing. But the benefits and enhancements that your character receives are pretty much the same in both factions.

The titles you get when playing in the Asmodian faction are usually bold and heroic such as Raider Hero and Legendary Hunter, while the titles in the Elyos faction are more nature and animal related such as Animal Lover and Tree Hugger.

To get new Aion titles you have to complete quests and it is a good idea to plan a little bit ahead to get the most out of the titles. For instance, if you’re playing as a Gladiator, you may want to focus on getting titles that enhance your attack and melee battle skills, while if you are playing as a Templar which is better used for defense in groups, you may want to look for titles that enhance your defense skills.

The titles in Aion Online show up next to your name when you are playing and you can select a title by accessing your profile and then the titles tab. Here you will see all your available titles. You can also select different titles in different situation to get the most out of the Aion titles.

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