Aion Online Strategy Guide - 10 To Do Things For Fast Leveling In Aion Online

Aion Online Strategy Guide – 10 To Do Things For Fast Leveling In Aion Online

Aion Online Strategy Guide - 10 To Do Things For Fast Leveling In Aion Online

I chose to play by an Aion online strategy guide because I don’t have too much time to play lately. This guide helped me indeed, to squeeze every drop of XP from any action I was doing, so after each of my game sessions I ended up with a maximum of XP. To help all the players in Aion: Tower of Eternity that want to improve their leveling, here are 10 juicy tips I’ve learned from this Aion online strategy guide:

1. Questing is the main method to level up. But for this to work properly, you need to know for playing judi online the quests closely. In this case, the Aion online strategy guide I’ve been using was quite helpful, explaining each quest in detail.

2. When questing, try to work on 3-4 quests simultaneously to maximize the XP rating. This aspect was also covered by the Aion online strategy guide I’ve been working with. It simply provided me with the best quest routes I needed.

3. When killing mobs, loot everything. Not only that you will get valuable loot, you’ll also get items that start new mini quests which are additional XP.

4. At level 9, leave everything you’re doing and complete the Daeva quest. This will grant you a wholelevel of XP.

5. Gather any resource you come across. Even if this has nothing to do with the texas poker indonesia leveling of your character, you gain gathering skill points, plus the resources can be used for crafting or to be sold for nice Kinah.

6. The Aion online strategy guide taught me to use every cooldown of my flight at maximum. Knowing when and where to fly, enhances your gameplay and implicitly, your XP.

7. When questing or simply killing mobs, boost up all your stats by any means. Stigmas, manastones, buffs, potions, elixirs, foods, equipment are a few things you might want to work on to keep your toon on top of things. This Aion online strategy guide taught me everything I needed to know on this matter.

8. Always kill mobs with levels equal or a little lower than your character for a better killing spree. This will surely reduce the number of pauses between mobs.

9. Stay away from elite mobs, they will probably kill you. Dying sucks big time in Aion online.

10. While questing or grinding for XP, stay away from opposite faction players. PvP might be fun, but fighting one guy a hundred times won’t bring good XP even if winning.

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An Aion Primer - Basic Aion Guide

An Aion Primer – Basic Aion Guide

An Aion Primer - Basic Aion Guide

The massively multiplayer online RPG known as Aion (full name: “Aion: Tower Of Eternity”) is NCSoft’s latest foray into the MMORPG genre. So, what’s Aion all about and what makes it different from the myriad of other popular MMO games on the market now? This article aims to be your guide to the world of Aion, to give you a primer on the basics of how to play poker online Aion works and what you can expect from the game.

The game takes place in two separate “worlds”, Elysea and Asmodae, inhabited by the Elyos and Asmodians, respectively. Elysea is bright and cheerful, whereas Asmodae is more dark and sinister. Players begin the game as humans in whichever world they choose. Players gain experience by completing quests and defeating enemies, which they then use to “level up” their characters. Once characters reach the required level, they become winged immortals known as “Daevas”. Once a character has judi poker uang asli become a Daeva, they travel to the capital city of whichever world they inhabit, to begin their new lives. Features

Character Creation & Customization

An important feature in any RPG, Aion features a robust character creation and customization system. This system allows players to fine-tune the height, weight and scale of various body parts. A variety of hair styles, skin colors, facial textures and voices are available to choose from. Players can go really in-depth with their character’s detailing, by adjusting eye shape/color, nose shape, ear size/shape, and tattoos for the character’s face and/or body. Aion also features the ability to dye a character’s equipment to change its color, and the ability to interchange graphics between weapons and armor that the characters have in their inventory (though this graphic swapping must be done between items of the same type).

Skill Chains

Many RPGs allow characters to gain and improve new skills as they progress. Aion introduces a subtle twist to this game mechanic with “Skill Chains”. With “Skill Chains”, skill upgrades may only be performed in a certain order (hence the term “chain”).


There are four “primary” classes: Warrior, Mage, Scout, or Priest. Once characters reach level 9, the player can then choose from two “specialized” classes related to their original “primary” class. Warriors can become either a “Templar” or “Gladiator”. Likewise, Mages can become either a “Sorcerer” or “Spirit Master”, Scouts can be either “Assassin” or “Ranger”, and Priests can become either a “Cleric” or a “Chanter”. Professions

On top of your character classes, there are six “crafting” professions (Alchemy, Cooking, Tailoring, Handicrafting, Weaponsmithing, and Armorsmithing) and two “extracting” professions. The extracting professions are learned automatically by each player, but the crafting professions must be learned manually. A single character is able to learn ALL of the crafting professions, but only master two. Becoming a “master” of a profession gives the player a fancy title and a boost to his or her stats.


Players can join together to form a “group”. Groups can accommodate up to six players. Certain parts of Aion are designed for group play, and in some areas a group is required for entrance. Building on the group mechanic, in Aion up to four groups may form what is known as an “alliance” when greater numbers are needed. However, being a part of an alliance can limit your rewards from smaller quests intended for single or group play.

PvPvE system

The “Abyss” is a PvP area physically located between the two game worlds. Once characters reach higher levels, much of the game of Aion revolves around PvP encounters in this area. The Abyss features strongholds which can be controlled by “Legions” (Aion for “guild”). Players battle it out to gain and keep control of these various strongholds. Again, Aion introduces another twist with siege weapons players can obtain from raids, and use in these battles. Control of a stronghold means income from taxes, and players get perks from stores and NPCs. Battling it out with your fellow players in the Abyss will get you “Abyss Points”. These points are used to rank you among the rest of the Aion players out there. Why does this matter? Well, higher ranks unlock visual upgrades to your characters wings, and you can use your Abyss points to purchase high-end armor and weapons.

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Aion Leveling - How to Power Level Your Aion Character & How to Create Legions (Guilds)

Aion Leveling – How to Power Level Your Aion Character & How to Create Legions (Guilds)

Aion Leveling - How to Power Level Your Aion Character & How to Create Legions (Guilds)

Aion is one of the newest MMOs on the market.

It already has a massive following straight from release in the Americas and Europe. If this is your first gaming experience however, finding out how to level in Aion may seem like a seriously daunting task. Aion can seem to be a complicated mountain to climb. Aion power leveling isn’t impossible poker online uang asli but is certainly a skill which I would recommend all players to read up on before setting out on your adventure throughout Atreia.

Leveling In Aion

A lot easier and therefore a lot more fun there is an option of using an Aion game guide. Since Aion was released in 2008 in Korea there has been many beta testers and professional gamers that have written various comprehensive guides on how to be the best and top of your game in Aion.

It is a very in depth MMO.

Much more so than a lot of others currently on the market and whilst a lot of traditional gaming strategies would be useful in Aion a specific guide would be far more beneficial to help you reach the Aion level cap as fast as possible.

There are times that you simply have to grind experience.

As very few quests are available between the levels 25 and 35 and an Aion guide will give you invaluable information on the best mobs to grind and in which areas. The crafting system is integral to leveling and unlike a lot of MMOs the crafted items are amongst the best in the game.

These guides will provide lists.

Of areas and the materials which can be harvested from each, this maybe the most valuable information as it means that whilst you grind for your levels you can also collect crafting materials and kinah along side, optimizing your gaming time.

Legions (Aion’s version of Guilds).

The higher the ranking of your legion the more opportunities and items are available to the members. Things also become cheaper and being able to design and wear your own legion colors makes sure you stand out from the crowd. Once your legion hits top level your colors will be embossed on your members’ shields, great touch from NCSoft i think!

Knowing Exactly Which Areas To Quest in, Which Quests To Take, and Which You Should Avoid.

Hopefully, the information and tips I’ve shared here were helpful enough to help you understand a little bit about leveling in Aion along with some basic information on Legions. However, if you really want to power level, know where the best areas are to quest in, which exact quests to take,(and which to avoid) and how to get your wings and armor sets as fast and cheaply as possible you’ll need a more detailed step by step Aion leveling guide.

I strongly recommend the Aion leveling guide that I’ve been working with.It has a great questing and grinding path designed to really speed up the process, I’m an ex Aion Beta player and it even helped me tremendously.

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Aion Titles - How Titles Can Give You an Extra Edge in Aion Online

Aion Titles – How Titles Can Give You an Extra Edge in Aion Online

Aion Titles - How Titles Can Give You an Extra Edge in Aion Online

Aion titles in the Tower of Eternity are not something you get just to show off your accomplishments. Aion Online – one of the latest MMORPG game available, takes place in the fantasy world of Atreia where you play a character fighting for one of the two battling factions Asmodians or Elyos.

Aion Online is different from other online roll playing games when it comes to titles. Usually the title is just a label to show what you have accomplished, but achieving titles in Aion Online will actually enhance your characters fighting and defense skills which can give you an extra edge over your enemy judi poker online indonesia.

Aion titles can make a big difference in Aion Online. Each Aion title that you receive gives your character an extra special benefit that can be an advantage in battles, such as extra defense, attack and hit points.

The actual Aion titles or names are different dependent of which class your character belong to and for which of the two factions you are playing. But the benefits and enhancements that your character receives are pretty much the same in both factions.

The titles you get when playing in the Asmodian faction are usually bold and heroic such as Raider Hero and Legendary Hunter, while the titles in the Elyos faction are more nature and animal related such as Animal Lover and Tree Hugger.

To get new Aion titles you have to complete quests and it is a good idea to plan a little bit ahead to get the most out of the titles. For instance, if you’re playing as a Gladiator, you may want to focus on getting titles that enhance your attack and melee battle skills, while if you are playing as a Templar which is better used for defense in groups, you may want to look for titles that enhance your defense skills.

The titles in Aion Online show up next to your name when you are playing and you can select a title by accessing your profile and then the titles tab. Here you will see all your available titles. You can also select different titles in different situation to get the most out of the Aion titles.

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Aion Strategy - Beginners Guide to Beat Aion Online

Aion Strategy – Beginners Guide to Beat Aion Online

Aion Strategy - Beginners Guide to Beat Aion Online

This Aion strategy guide will give you some quick tips on how you can get going and beat Aion Online when you first start out. Aion Online – The Tower of Eternity is one of the latest and most stunning MMORPG available. In Aion Online you enter the fantasy world of Atreia where you play a winged character from one of the two battling factions Asmodian or Elyos. In this article you will discover a few nifty tips that will get you to higher levels faster.

One of the most important Aion strategy tips in the beginning is to earn Kinah’s – the Aion money. Try to budget your Kinah’s and do not buy items ahead of the level you’re currently at. Only buy items that you need and can use at the current level.

Make sure that you do not throw away anything that you might need. Whatever you pick up, you may sell it to earn Kinah’s or you may find use for it at later levels.

If you see a dead mob member on the ground, search him and grab whatever you judi online terpercaya di indonesia can find. Even though the item is worth only one or two kinah – everything adds up in the long run. This Aion strategy will help you earn a lot of Kinah’s really fast.

Make an effort out of being social and a likable character early on. This will be harder later on in Aion Online. Learn how to form alliances and groups. Make friends and do not become a bully.

A good Aion strategy in Aion is to complete all your work orders in you capital city in the Artisan district and complete them quickly. This is the cheapest and fastest way to improve your crafting skill.

One of the best Aion strategy tips is as soon you reach level 9 in Aion Online, do the Accention Quest immediately. You will then get to level 10 right away – no matter how few points you had at level 9.

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